Lighting & Light Shows

We offer a variety of lights for different types of events with the aim of creating an attractive and exciting visual atmosphere.

We take care of everything from the design to create lighting that suits the theme and ambiance of the event.

Once the lighting plan has been designed, our team proceeds with the installation, ensuring that the lights are properly positioned and safe for event attendees.

During the event, we handle the operation of the lights using lighting consoles to control various aspects of the lighting, such as color, intensity, and special effects.


Ideal for illuminating venue walls and creating a special ambiance using various colors.


To enhance stage lighting, they are characterized by their Fresnel lens, which allows for soft and focused light.

Led Wash

Used to set the stage atmosphere, creating a uniform color distribution.


These lights are characterized by a narrow and concentrated beam of light that can be focused and moved using a moving head system.


For stage lighting applications, their focused and precise light beam makes them ideal for illuminating specific objects and areas of the stage or environment.

Lighting Consoles

We have lighting consoles available to set up different scenes and light sequences for events.

We can provide guidance and assistance. Feel free to contact us. No strings attached!